Friday, December 2, 2016

Linux -- Displaying "X windows" in Windows Clients using "putty" and "xming"

This method might come in handy in a situation where you don't have a vncserver installed on your Linux/Unix server.

By using putty's X11 forwarding and XMING server, you can display the X windows on your Windows client without a need to connect a Vnc server.

The method to enable this functionality on your clients(desktops) is pretty straight forward.
It is all about installing xming to your windows client by downloading it from "" and configuring putty.

The installation of xming is very easy . (just next, next and next :)
Once the xming is installed and started, you open putty and do the following configuration (enabling X11 forwarding)

At this moment, you are done. You just connect to your server using putty and start displaying X windows in your client machine.

This was today's quick tip. Easy and practical right? :)

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